Yin Yoga

Passive and calm yoga

Yin Yoga is a passive and calm yoga style in which the poses, asanas, are held for 3 minutes or longer, this way we train our body and mind to become calm and learn to resist physical and mental distraction.  We create a very mindful space for ourselves in the here and now, so we can a release tension in all layers of our connective tissue. This will bring us more space and relaxation and flexibility in body mind and spirit.

We move very slowly from pose to pose, so we don’t shake up our fascia and body too much, as we want to keep our Qi flowing. We consciously use our breath, as it is an important part of Yin Yoga to support relaxation in your connective tissues and body, mind and soul.

The focus in my Yin Yoga class is on turning inward with attention, seeing what you feel, maybe are able to let go or work through even days after the class. During the Yin Yoga class I will speak with a clam voice as we like to create and flow through class in all silence to be able to come to the point we can really relax and let tension go.

Doreen McCurdy Yoga Teacher - Green Birds Fly

Benefits of Yin Yoga

  • Meditation
  • Stress release
  • Mindfulness, being in the here and now
  • Relaxed connective tissue
  • Creating more space for body and mind
  • Breathing improves
  • Release. of emotions
  • Release of trauma body and mind
  • Finding calmness 

“Yoga is about grounding yourself, to sink deeper into different layers for more relaxation, to be able to nourish your body and mind, and let go of things, in order to grow”

Yin yoga classes

For Private Yin Yoga I create personal classes, that will complement each other and have a nice build up, according to your needs and wishes, taking into account any injuries if needed.
I like to work with you so you will find yourself with a nice and more relaxed body, mind, essence and maybe even a new way of life.

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Doreen’s current practice space for Green Birds Fly is a wonderful oasis of calm as soon as you step into it. And her voice, oh her voice…relaxation itself. I arrived feeling stiff, sore and somewhat stressed, and left feeling elastic, floaty and serene. And Doreen’s voice and teachings stayed with me the whole week and into the weekend. That’s some long lasting effects for a session of selfcare. Thank you, you lovely woman.