Gentle Flow

Active yoga with deep relaxation

If you prefer a more active yoga style but also want the benefits of deeper relaxation in your body and mind, this is a very nice class. The best of both yoga styles in a class.

Doreen McCurdy Yoga Teacher - Green Birds Fly

Yin and Yang poses

Within Yin Yang classes I combine Yin and Yang poses, asanas. The lesson has a nice flow with smooth transitions. During the Yang poses we work with more muscle tension to activate strength and endurance, in the Yin poses we proceed to the relaxation of our muscles and to give our fascia space to release stress that lies deeper.

Monkey mind

Also let your thinking, your “monkey mind” as we call it in yoga, relax for a while to get closer to your core, yourself. Whatever can help you in daily life to hear your monkey mind, but also to let it go. You probably know it, your stern voice that often de-motivates more than gives positive energy.

“Yoga is about grounding yourself, deepening yourself, nourishing your body and mind and letting go of things in order to grow”

Yin and Yang are complementary

The Yin and Yang poses may seem contradictory at first, but they are complementary to each other.

For Private Yin Yang Yoga classes I make personal classes that follow and complement each other, according to your needs and wishes, taking into account injuries, physical or mental.
I like to work with you towards a nice and more relaxed body, spirit, essence and new way of life.

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After this Yin Yang Yoga class I felt light and relaxed. And that good feeling had not disappeared the next day. Delicious and addictive, so I now lie on the mat at home every day and do these exercises. Thank you Doreen