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Yoga is for everyone

Yoga, it’s for everyone, for young and old, small or tall, and everybody type. As in yoga we don’t put ourselves in “a pose” we let our body tell and shows us how a certain pose works for us.

So people who want to ground more, want to build strength bodywise and mentally, release stress, become more aware and have a nice work out, yoga it is.

It doesn’t matter how flexible you are or what physique you have. Even for people with injuries, depression, trauma. I would say, for those people certain yoga styles can be a very nice and safe way to move, help you recover, guide and train you at the same time, specially when the yoga session is custom made for you.

Yoga historY

Yoga is a physical, mental and spiritual practice that has been practiced in India for over 5000 years. In the last decades yoga has also become more and more popular in the Western world.

In more recent years, yoga has become popular as a form of exercise based on poses that promote better control of body and mind and thus promote your well-being.

“Yoga is about grounding yourself, deepening yourself, nourishing your body and mind and letting go of things in order to grow”

Doreen McCurdy Yoga Teacher - Green Birds Fly

Benefits of yoga

  • Promotes flexibility, agility and posture
  • Your energy level goes up
  • Reduces stress
  • Promotes proper breathing
  • Helps you to be more mindful in your life
  • Creates tranquility
  • Promotes a good night’s sleep
  • Better concentration
  • And most important of all, you will live longer

I invite you to learn more about the different styles I teach.

different styles of yoga

Yoga comes in many forms, there certainly is a style for everyone.  It might even happen that the style that does not appeal to you at all, is the style that your body and mind need most.

For me being a dancer yoga was always a challenge, standing still in poses I could not see or feel the benefit at that time. I was restless and my body just wanted to move, now 20 years later the Yin Yoga has been my salvation. I love it.

For people who practice other kind of sports, yoga can be a nice addition or counterpart, to give their body and mind the rest in addition to exerting and performing.

Choose the yoga style that fits you

Yin Yoga >>

Gentle Flow >>

Yoga Nidra >>

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Doreen’s current practice space for Green Birds Fly is a wonderful oasis of calm as soon as you step into it. And her voice, oh her voice…relaxation itself. I arrived feeling stiff, sore and somewhat stressed, and left feeling elastic, floaty and serene. And Doreen’s voice and teachings stayed with me the whole week and into the weekend. That’s some long lasting effects for a session of selfcare. Thank you, you lovely woman.