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Learn more about the experiences of other people that I had the pleasure to teach or train in recent years.

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I love the Yin yoga classes with Doreen, With a pleasant and soothing voice she takes me to complete relaxation. The resting point in my week. By staying in a position for a longer period of time, I learn to let go.
The peace and quiet help to turn inward.
The music and ambiance are pleasant and add to the atmosphere. She explains clearly how the postures should be adopted. If this is not successful immediately, props are provided with which the posture can still be taken. Especially with small reminder during class to be nice to yourself.
She teaches in small groups with a lot of individual attention. I experience the personal contact as very pleasant.
It has a healing effect on body and mind. I can recommend it to everyone.

Jacqueline Laffra

After this Yin Yang Yoga class I felt light and relaxed. This nice feeling had not disappeared the next day. Delicious and addictive, so nowadays I lie on the mat at home every day and do these exercises. Thank you Doreen

Michelle Hankers

The last lesson set a lot in motion for me physically and mentally. Her home studio is a warm bath where you can feel safe turning into your inner self. Doreen gives unbiased and expert advice, so that the lessons are feasible for every level. A lesson with her is the best gift to yourself!

Jasper Kuipers

Doreen’s current practice space for Green Birds Fly is a wonderful oasis of calm as soon as you step into it. And her voice, oh her voice…relaxation itself. I arrived feeling stiff, sore and somewhat stressed, and left feeling elastic, floaty and serene. And Doreen’s voice and teachings stayed with me the whole week and into the weekend. That’s some long lasting effects for a session of selfcare. Thank you, you lovely woman.

Mareka Stake

Doreen is a great, friendly and sweet yoga teacher. She listens carefully to my personal needs and adjusts her lesson accordingly. Her Yin class gave me peace and balance and at the same time the energy flowed better through my body

Dani Marculescu

Hug. This word best describes the feeling I had during Doreen’s classes, being embraced. Her warm and positive energy made me feel like I could just BE and that there was nothing more important in the world than doing yoga at that moment. The way she teaches is like an offer with a thousand possibilities and one of these will definitely be completely right. No matter how you start into this yoga class, you can be sure you will walk out smiling. That’s a promise!


Doreen is the kind of person who makes you feel like you really matter. That you are beautiful, have talent, deserve love. I’ve known Doreen for 19 years. I met her when I was 4 years old and I fell in love instantly. I fell in love with her energy, her talent and passion for dance, her beauty. I looked up to her. She showed me what dance can mean for a person, how important movement and loving your body is. I am so grateful to this woman and anyone lucky enough to come into contact should feel very lucky.

Tina Krikke

I have taken several classes with Doreen over the past 12 years, including Xco (extreme core training) and Body Balance (yoga-based fitness). At first glance, these are two extremes: power vs. control. And that is where Doreen’s strength lies; she can stimulate to go to the limit and also help to find peace and balance in yourself.
They say ‘Opposites attract’, right?

Pieter Lewis

I did a yoga retreat in the French Alps with Doreen. When I came I suffered from a lot of back problems, then after a few yoga sessions the complaints already decreased considerably. Doreen paid a lot of attention to all participants and gave suggestions for other exercises if needed. She keeps everyone in sight and checks regularly during the yoga sessions to see if everything goes and feels well. Doreen made sure I felt at ease immediately, so I had no barrier to ask her questions. She taught me new things and introduced me to other forms of yoga. And her voice, her voice is super nice!!! Sometimes I even fell asleep ;-)). Ultimate relaxation! After the week I came back with less pain, more rest and more energy!