Peace, balance and energy

Breathwork is part of our yoga or dance session, we use breathing techniques to tune in and ground ourselves more easy, to release stress, to calm our mind, body and soul. So for our mental and physical well-being it’s a treat. It brings you peace, energy and balance in thinking and doing.  We will learn and use different techniques, so you consciously can put even small breath meditations to use in your daily life. Breathwork, that after more practise, can bring you back in the “now” at any and even hectic time.

Doreen McCurdy Yoga Teacher - Green Birds Fly

Breathwork session

You can also book a breathwork session on request, which does not necessarily include yoga or dance. We will work with different techniques accordingly to your needs and goals. For people who have stress-related issues and/or panic attacks, it can be very nice to learn how to regain control of their breathing in a calm way, to get back to their normal breathing and most of all calmness.

“What you really long for is a deep intimacy with your own experience, the deepest acceptance of every thought, every sensation, every feeling. And that cannot come from outside of yourself.”

Jeff Foster

introduction class breathwork

I would like to invite you for a trial session incase you would like to find out if a breathwork session is something for you and to see if us working together feels right.

For questions you can always call or email me. I would like to help you. Please connect!

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Doreen is a great, friendly and sweet yoga teacher. She listens carefully to my personal needs and adjusts her lesson accordingly. Her Yin class gave me peace and balance and at the same time the energy flowed better through my body

Dani Marculescu