About me

Doreen McCurdy Yoga Teacher - Green Birds Fly

HI! I’m doreen

Yoga & Dance teacher

The art of movement has always been my passion. I have been dancing since I was able to stand. For many years I have been teaching dance theatre and movement to children, youngsters and adults.

During a tough burn out I discovered Yin yoga and it brought me so much insight, peace and relaxation. Now I kindly want to share this  experience, possibilities and path with all of you.

I was lucky to be able to do my teacher training and  get my Yin Yang Yoga Teacher diploma in a very special place in the mountains near Malaga.

“Don’t move the way fear makes you move. Move the way love makes you move. Move the way joy makes you move.”


My mission

It has become my mission to teach other people to get in touch with themselves more deeply, through yoga, dance, meditation, breathwork or a combination. In a custom-made private class(es) or during a group class(es).

By making the connection between yoga, dance, meditation and eventually acupuncture, I want to build bridges and create programs to give people broader advice and guidance that will deepen the practice or treatmant by teach how to reconnect with their Inner Self and find more balance in their lifes in every aspect.

Yoga, Dance, Meditation and Acupuncture, they all have their own way of opening you up and help to enlighten, teach you to self-love and self care, bring freedom in body mind and soul, and therefor bring you true happiness and relaxation.

They bring you the connection to come back home to your own home, your soul, your essence, your well-being.
“To come home to your own home” You cannot give yourself a bigger gift.

My teaching style focuses on your well-being, needs and wishes and are for to everyone and all levels.

Will I see you on the mat?


Acupuncture has been in my life for years. It really amazes me how it works and the view and method of the Traditional Chinese Medicine. To me it is magical.

I started my journey to become an Acupuncturist and expect to graduate in 2023. As I graduated my first and second year I am starting the last year this september and looking forward to it. As with yoga I can already combine it specially in my Yin Yoga classes and retreats. 

All the knowledge fills me with energy and inspiration and I can’t wait until I am ready and can start treating people and guiding them to a healthier and balanced life, in body and mind.

Why Green Birds Fly

GREEN is Doreen’s favorite colour

BIRDS stand for freedom, movement, togetherness and being able to be alone. 

FLY stands for movement. 


  • BCM Basic Chinese Medicine
  • Yin Yang Yoga Teacher RYT 200
  • Yoga Nidra Teacher RYT 70
    The RadiantPeace Method
  • Breathe the Power of Breath RYT 25
  • Gua sha massage, Fire Cupping massage
  • Children’s Yoga Teacher Training 60 hrs
  • Activity supervisor
  • Dance expression teacher – Post HBO
  • Xco, Pilates, Kick Fun, Body Balance
  • Creative Therapy Dance and sports HBO
Doreen Mccurdy is RYT 200 certified yoga teacher


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